Through plugins main settings and rules panels you can control plugin on a global level, affecting all your website content. But, for some features, plugin includes metabox with each post or page for additional options.

When you open the post or page (or custom post type post), to edit, under the main editor area, you will find a metabox called GD Rating System, looking like this:

Rating metabox
Rating metabox

Depending on active addons, you will see different tabs with more options to control each post. By default, there are several tabs always present:

  • Rating Embed – this tab is part of the Posts addon controlling which rating method block is auto embedded and where. The first option controls the display of the block (Default option will use global settings), and with Hide, you can remove the rating block for the post you are editing. The second option allows you to override rating method used.
  • Rich Snippet – this tab is added by Rich Snippets addon, and it has the option to control rich snippets embed: Display for the snippet format and option for rating method. For more advanced changes, Item Scope can change the scope name of the snippet added.
  • Stars Review – if you use Stars Review method, this tab is used to set the author review rating, subject and description for your review value (both are optional).
  • Reviewed Item – this tab is also added for stars review method, and here you can configure information about the product you are reviewing in the post you are editing. This is the important part of the rich snippet for reviews.

Other tabs will be added if you include Multi Ratings addon for Multi Stars Reviews, allowing you to select rating set along with the rating.

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