Inline Sharing Box

Inline Sharing Box is the primary share method, and the one that is most popular on the internet. It will add share block on top or bottom of the post/page/custom-post content. The typical share block is displayed below.

Typical share block with networks and internal buttons

Selectively disable Inline share box

If you want to disable Inline share box on some posts or pages only, check out this main filter that controls inline share box visibility. This is used for auto embedded inline share block with the post types enabled for this feature.

Settings for Inline Share Box

This method has two panels with settings. First one Settings -> Inline Styling is used to configure default inline share styling (and this is also default styling used with the share block). The second one is Settings -> Inline Auto Embed where you can configure autoembedding of the inline share block, select networks buttons and post types. There is also ad third panel visible only if you use bbPress plugin, and it is Auto Embed for bbPress forums and topics.

Display and Style

Settings on this panel are pretty much self explanatory. This are default settings used in various places, unless they are replaced in the block or the shortcode or the function call to display the inline share block.

Auto Embed Settings

The most important part of the Inline method is to enable auto embed of the inline share block, with options to choose location and post types. The list of post types shows only public post types with UI available; it will exclude bbPress post types (they have own settings).

Finally, you have the select which buttons to have in the embedded block.

bbPress Support

The bbPress support will have own settings panel, and only if the bbPress is installed and active. Settings only have networks selection and location for embedding. There are separate settings for single forums and single topics.

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