License Upgrade

If you purchased Personal or Business license, you can upgrade it to Business or Developer license. This is not automated process, and you need to contact us to do that. You can also upgrade single plugin license to Dev4Press plugins pack. To request upgrade, use Contact form from your Dashboard on Dev4Press. There is no direct way to make an upgrade: you need to purchase new license, but based on when you decide to make an upgrade, you will get discount based on your previous license. Old license will be disabled once you purchase new upgraded license.

Discount is calculated like this; for example, if you purchased Dev4Press Plugins Pack, Personal License, priced at $120.00, and after 3 months you decide to make a switch to some other license, you will get discount coupon for:

($120.00 / 12) * (12 – 3) = $90.00

If you made original purchase with a discount, that price is used to make the calculation. If you used 20% discount coupon, base price for you was $96, and you would get back:

($96.00 / 12) * (12 – 3) = $72.00

During first month after purchase, you will get no discount, during second month you can get only one month discount, so only full months are eligible for the discount calculation for upgrade.

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