Meta boxes and fields for bbPress

GD Content Tools Pro includes support for adding meta boxes and meta fields into bbPress for both topic and replies forms allowing you to expand these forms and for your users to add extra information.

To start with bbPress in GD Content Tools Pro, you need to enable bbPress addon from plugin Settings -> Addons. Once you do that, a new panel will appear under GD Content Tools Pro menu called Meta bbPress. And, a new Settings panel is added: bbPress. Settings -> bbPress panel has only one option to auto embed meta box values along the topic/reply content if available.

Meta boxes and fields

Before you start with configuring bbPress support for meta fields and boxes, you need to create meta box (one or more) you want to use in bbPress. These meta boxes are created like any other meta boxes in this plugin, so check out the articles in the knowledge base for more information. Once you have your meta boxes ready, you can proceed with setting up Meta bbPress panel.

Meta bbPress

On this panel, you can setup the meta box integration into bbPress rules. You need to have at least one meta box ready. Click on the Add New Rule button, and you will get the rule editor looking like this:

Meta bbPress Rules
Meta bbPress Rules

Make sure to set some unique Label so you can make the distinction between rules (if you use more than one rule). Select meta box you want to integrate. After that, select one or more forums you want to integrate too (you can select all forums). Finally, you have Form integration settings to control: which forms you want to integrate into (Topic, Reply or both), location in the form and priority (if you are not sure, leave it as is). Select user roles that will see the meta box. Extra Styling includes options related to the display of the meta box, and these include wrapper and style.


Here are few things you need to know:

  • If you meta box contains fields that are marked as required, topic or reply form will not be able to submit until required fields are filled. This way you can make fields mandatory and topic/reply submit will depend on them.
  • The simplest way to show meta fields values in the topic/reply they are submitted with is to enable Settings -> bbPress -> Auto Embed feature. It is simple loop displaying all saved values, and you can style it using CSS. For more advanced users/developers, you can create your own integration template.
  • Depending on the fields you want, it is always best to start with Simple Fields and Legacy Meta Box.
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