Migration guide for version 4.0

GD Knowledge Base Pro version 4.0 introduces a lot of new features and some very important changes. Some of these changes are inside the JavaScript and templates, and in some instances, these can be considered breaking changes if you have overridden these templates in your theme.

The plugin has a lot of new settings, but, there are no changes to the expected behaviour of the plugin where new settings are involved.


For the most part, templates are not changed, but there are some new templates and one major change related to feedback.

  • All reference templates (templates/default/theme) are updated to show the date archive heading (where available).
  • Template gdkob-single-rating.php has been changed, and the feedback form has been removed into own file.
  • Template gdkob-single-feedback.php is added with the feedback form that has been significantly changed.
  • Template gdkob-current-date.php is added to show the date archive heading if available.
  • Templates gdkob-bbpress-search-form.php and gdkob-search-form have been updated to include a check for the search form settings.

If you have an override for the gdkob-single-feedback.php file, you must adjust it to the new file and existence of the gdkob-single-feedback.php file.


There are major changes in the frontend JavaScript, and if your own code depends on the GD Knowledge Base Pro JS code, you will need to make changes.

  • The JS library now lives in the window.wp.gdkob global.
  • Feedback code is mostly rewritten and split into two parts due to the changes in the feedback templates.


Overall, there are only small changes made to the frontend styling. Some additional styling is included for elements that previously were not styled at all, and there is new styling for additional templates that are added.

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