This two-part video shows the process of making the copy of rating template and creating new templates for rating blocks and in second part some of the ways to customize newly create templates.

Make sure to check other tutorials and articles in the knowledge base related to the templates customization.

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  1. matthiaspabst says:

    Since the function text() is deprecated and the rating text is now defined in the function rating(), can it still be modified in a custom template? How would this work?

    1. MillaN says:

      text() is replaced by rating() method. This method uses filters and improved layout for the text that can be translated easier.

  2. matthiaspabst says:

    I already found this filter, which helps a lot:

    Is it also possible to change to order of the elements like “500 votes, Rating: 4.5”?

    1. MillaN says:

      Right now, no. More filters will be added in the future to make this possible.

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