Payment Process

Each product on Dev4Press has multiple licenses available. Select the product and license you want, and click Buy Now button. You will be redirected to our payment processor. All payments are handled by ShareIt (part of Digital River MyCommerce). Checkout page looks like this:


This is a minimal set of fields you need to enter. If you need to add VAT number, you must click on the ‘Show more input fields’ link to show expand list of fields. In that case, you need to enter your full address (as required by law for VAT number use).

By default prices are set in US Dollars. But, based on your country, you will get local currency (if directly supported). But, you can switch to any currency you want to use. You can see the product you want to purchase with quantity and price. If you have discount coupon, you can enter it to get discounted price. And, for all products you will see the list of products you can also buy with special discount (coupon code doesn’t work on the cross selling products).

If you want to pay with PayPal, you have PayPal Check out button bellow the form. If you want to use some other payment method, you have Payments Option selection below. Based on your country, you can see different payment methods. As for your Personal Information, it is very important to use your active email that you can access at the time of purchase since it will be used to send you various emails related to your purchase.

After you complete this portion of the checkout form, you will have a choice of creating ShareIt account (or using your exiting ShareIt account). ShareIt account is used to handle your billing information. Dev4Press doesn’t get or keep any payment information (credit card number for instance).

During the checkout process you will see processing information. If all goes OK, you will get emails confirming the purchase completion. Depending on payment method and other factors, purchase process can be completed within few seconds, or it can take longer. When the process is fully completed, and purchase verified, you will get email from ShareIt confirming the purchase. After that, website will send you emails about the license.

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