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All purchases on Dev4Press are processed by MyCommerce / ShareIt, division of Digital River. And, they handle all the payment information, subscription payments information and invoices. Each time you make the purchase, you have the option to create an account on ShareIt. But, if you don’t, each time you make a new purchase will create a new account on ShareIt, even if you use the same email address. Payment for subscriptions do not create new accounts, a subscription is handled by the existing account used to make the initial purchase.

To log in, or get the login information for every purchase, you only need the email you used when you made the purchase. Go to Make sure you change ‘Sign in as’ to ‘Customer’, and if you don’t know ShareIt login information, click on Request Login/Password link.

MyCommerce/ShareIt Log In
MyCommerce/ShareIt Log In

On the next page, enter the email you used for the purchase. You must have access to that email because login information will be sent to that email. If you have used an email you no longer have access to, or the email was wrong when you made the purchase, you need to contact us, so we can contact MyCommerce and they can then change the email to working one.

If you used email for multiple purchases, and you never created MyCommerce account, you will have multiple accounts on MyCommerce, each one using email and a sequential number for login. MyCommerce can send you login information for each account and that will include login account id (email with the ID) and link to set the password.

Once you log in, you will get your account panel will list of purchases, and if you click on your name in the top bar, you will get the account edit and billing overview page.

MyCommerce/ShareIt User Account
MyCommerce/ShareIt User Account

If you need to change the credit card, you can do it from here. This is essential if you have an active subscription, but you have a new credit card. You can also update other information related to your account on MyCommerce/ShareIt.

On the Order Overview page, you can see all your purchases, and you can download invoices from there, or if you want, you can cancel subscriptions.

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  1. I have tried to reset my password for my commerce so I can update my billing information. I have verified that my account user name is But I am having trouble changing my password on my commerce site. When I emailed them they saud they do not handle techsmith support? Who can help me change my credit card info so that I can pay you when my license comes up for renewal?

    Kevin Depew

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