Project Honeypot Integration

Project Honeypot is a one of the best services for tracking spammers and all other suspicious activity sources on the Internet. It keeps up to date records and very accurate data about IP’s it track, and it is free to use.

Project Honeypot

It is a distributed system for identifying spammers, spambots, and other malicious activity sources. Anyone can help by installing the tracker software (this is not something GD Security Toolbox Pro does, the plugin only uses data gathered by the Project Honeypot). You can read more on this here.

Start using it

To use Project Honeypot with GD Security Toolbox Pro, you need to get API key from their website, and to do that, you need to create an account and apply for the API key. Check out the video about this process. Many features in GD Security Toolbox Pro can be greatly enhanced by using Project Honeypot data, and it is highly recommended to set it up when you start using GD Security Toolbox Pro.

How does it work?

Checking IP through Project Honeypot involves the use of gethostbyname PHP function that queries HTTP:BL maintained by Project Honeypot. Return result is parsed, cached (for a period of 7 days) and used when needed. The function used queries DNS Servers, so it can take some time to resolve and return results. In normal use, this can take 0.2 seconds, and up to 3-4 seconds. That is why the plugin is caching every result to avoid wasting extra time on checking the same IP over and over again.To minimize the time needed for all this, the plugin is not running IP check for every IP that hits your website.

To minimize the time needed for all this, the plugin is not running IP check for every IP that hits your website. Only IP’s that end up in the security log for whatever reason are checked against the Honeypot database. Some addons and features also use Project Honeypot, but that is also limited is scope, and it will never involve checking each IP.

Cached data is controlled daily, and all IP records older than 7 days are removed.

Additional Control

Basic integration feature is checking IP’s that end up in security log, and if needed banning them. You can turn off this feature from Settings -> Project Honeypot panel. Registration Control is also using Project Honeypot, and it can be controlled from Settings -> Registration panel. Antispam addon is greatly enhanced with Project Honeypot results.

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