Rating Types Panel
Rating Types Panel

Adding new rating types is very important if you need to rate items that are not part of WordPress. The plugin requires you to register any new rating type you want to use. You can do it using custom code, or use Rating Types panel.

Custom code approach is discussed before in the knowledge base, and since plugin version 1.4, you have easy to use plugins panel ‘Rating Types’.

This panel shows all currently registered rating entities and types. You can’t modify entities and types added automatically based on the WordPress content, or registered using custom code. This is done to prevent causing problems to existing ratings or custom code depending on the types registered. The only thing you can modify is to add new types into Custom entity.

But, you can add new entities and you can add new types (and edit them) into your custom entities. There is no limit on a number of entities or types you can add. Any entities and types added through this panel can be used like any other entities and types registered automatically or in code.

Entity Edit
Entity Edit

Each entity needs to have a name, label, and icon. Name is the most important thing, and it needs to be only alphanumeric characters, lower case, dashes, and underscores, no spaces. It has to be unique! Label and icon are used for display purposes.

As for types of the entity, each one needs a name and a label. The name has to be unique for the current entity and again, only alphanumeric characters, lower case, dashes and underscores, no spaces.


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    I found a small typographical error in the article:
    First paragraph: “Adding new rating types is very important if you need to rate items that are not part of WordPress. The pPlugin requires you to”
    – “pPlugin” should be “plugin”
    (Feel free to delete this comment after you have read it!)

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