Say Thanks for Topics and Replies

Say Thanks is very convenient and widely spread method used in almost every forum system for forum users to thank topic authors for their new topic. GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 4.0 adds this feature to bbPress powered forums.

Say Thanks Settings
Say Thanks Settings

You can limit user roles that can say thanks, and this feature is not and can’t be available to guests because there is no way to track who said thanks. And you can set few more things. Thanks is enabled for topics by default, but you can enable it for replies too. You can also allow users to remove their thanks. and you can choose where the thanks actions go (normal header action block or new secondary footer actions block).

List of thanks block is located at the bottom of the topic/reply content (above the action block). You can change template for the list of thanks and for the case when there are not thanks given yet (this is empty by default). Currently, there is a limited number of thanks displayed to 20 users to avoid slowdown when too many users need to be retrieved and displayed. So, you will see a total number of thanks, and a list of last 20 users and links to their profiles.

List of Thanks
List of Thanks

Next plugin versions will add more tools for working with the thanks given.

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  1. I have “Say Thanks” activated but I do not see the “Thanks” button on my forum anywhere. Is there something else I have to do to have this show up? Template change?
    Thanks in advance,

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