Schedule Sweeper Jobs

SweepPress Pro has another very powerful tool that can help you maintain the website clean with periodically scheduled sweeper jobs. You can add as many jobs as you want, and each job can include one or more sweepers. Some sweepers will not be available for use with scheduled jobs.

The list of jobs shows all the registered jobs, how many sweepers are included, when the job was run last, when it will run next, and the schedule. For every job, you have the option to edit or delete it and to run it immediately.

List of all Sweeper Jobs

Adding Jobs

To add scheduled jobs, you will get the easy-to-use panel where you need to add the job name, select the status and configure periodical or run one type of job. Set the schedule and start time next, and enable one or more sweeper tasks. For each sweeper, you can select individual tasks (if the sweeper supports multiple tasks).

Sweeper Job Editor

Editing Jobs

Dialog for adding jos is used for editing jobs. If you change the schedule for the job, old schedule will be removed, and new one registered in WordPress CRON.

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