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Sync Meta is a built-in addon for GD Rating System Pro that will copy calculated rating data from the plugin own rating tables into the WordPress metatables. This will allow for easier queries that involve ratings.

Sync Meta works in the background, whenever the rating changes, it will be updated automatically in the meta table also. To make it work, you need to activate Meta Sync Addon from the plugin Settings -> Extensions -> Pro Addons -> Sync Meta. Once you do that, you need to set it up. There are two ways to do this:

Global Sync – All rating items

If you want to sync ratings for all rating items (posts, comments, users…), you only need to set up the Sync Meta globally through plugin Settings -> Rating Addons -> Sync Meta.

Sync Meta Global Settings
Sync Meta Global Settings

First, you need to enable Activation option, make sure the Status is set to Enabled. Next, you need to select which rating methods you want to include in the sync. All active methods (and series) will be listed here. So, if you want to sync rating data for Stars Rating only for all rating items, you need to select only the Stars Rating method in the Rating Methods list.

Selective Sync – Some rating items

If you don’t want to sync everything, you can use Rules panel to pick what to sync. To do that, make sure that Activation option is enabled in the plugin Settings -> Rating Addons -> Sync Meta, and that all rating methods on that panel are disabled. This will enable sync, but there will be no global sync, you need to create sync rules now. To do that, open the plugin Rules panel. Here is the animation showing how to enable Sync for all post types, for the Stars and Slider Rating methods:

Sync Meta rule example
Sync Meta rule example

Initial Sync Update

Sync will start working when you enable and configure it. But, nothing will be synced at that point. So, you need to run initial sync to make sure that all the ratings are synced for the first time based on the global or rules settings for the sync. To do that, open plugin Tools -> Sync Meta. Open the panel, and click Sync. Based on the Global Sync settings or Sync Rules, it will update the meta data for rating items.

You can use this tool whenever you make changes to sync settings or rule to make sure all rating items are properly synced for the changes you made.

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