1. youngkidz91 says:

    Hi dev4press,
    My website is http://happywheels9.net, i had used plugin gd stars rating, but it display “No votes yet”, can you help me setup it?

    1. MillaN says:

      GD Rating System is not new version of GD Star Rating, and these two plugins are not compatible. Please, check the knowledge base for GD Rating System, there are few articles on how to setup the plugin.

      1. adamalzoubi says:

        How do you show the multiple stars for each label for the use. I already changed the name for the labels in the Rating Method settings but cannot see them in the front end.

  2. VIKTOR LENKOV says:

    These shortcodes display stars ( Stars Rating Method). I need shortcodes with Thumbs Rating Method. Is it possible?

    1. MillaN says:

      You have shortcodes for each rating method: https://support.dev4press.com/kb/article/shortcodes-thumbs-rating/

  3. kazihaha says:

    Hi, I used shortcode [gdrts_stars_rating_auto template=”default”¬†style_font_name=”star” class=”single-portfolio-rating”] but it seem not support Google Snippet.
    Could you help me this?

    1. MillaN says:

      Per Google requirements, a rich snippet for rating can be found only on single posts in case of WordPress, it will not work in widgets.

      1. kazihaha says:

        I use that code in portfolio single, not widgets.
        How could I fix it? MillaN

        1. MillaN says:

          Plugin detects locations using WordPress functions, and if they don’t provide valid information, I am not sure what I can do. And, it is possible that your theme implementation is causing problem and sending false information about that.

      2. kazihaha says:

        I also did not see google rich snippet in source code of that page ^^

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