SweepPress Pro License Code

SweepPress Pro requires license code for plugin activation. License Code is added in via the Settings panel.

To activate SweepPress Pro, you need to get license code from your Dev4Press Account Dashboard. License code for SweepPress Pro or Dev4Press Plugins Club are required.

License Code Settings

License Code Validation

Plugin will validate the license code in the background after it is added and saved, and in the future, license code will be validated once weekly.

After the validation is done, there will be few things displayed about the license:

  • Valid: license is valid or not, and it can be valid even after the license has expired.
  • Status: license can be active, expired, disabled…
  • Domain: license is linked to a specific domain.
  • Type: license is activated on either Live or Development domain. Development activation is not limited. Only Live activations are counted towards the license domain limit.

If the license is valid, plugin can be used. If it is invalid, message about the error will be visible. Usually, this is caused by invalid license code, or limit of the license activations reached. If your license activation has reached its limit, you need to either upgrade the license or purchase another license.

License Code Status

The license code validation status is display on the plugin dashboard, and in the License Code settings panel.

License Code options are added in the plugin version 4.1, and the license requirement is enforced starting with the version 5.0. Without the license code, most plugin panels will be hidden – only Dashboard, Settings and About panels will be available.

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