Theme Compatibility

GD Knowledge Base Pro plugin requires set of templates for the theme to be able to display articles, FAQ and products. By default, themes don’t have these templates, and they need to be created. Or, if not, plugin can switch automatically to theme compatibility mode.

Theme compatibility mode is always active, and this feature is added in plugin version 2.0.

How that works

Plugin attempts to load required templates, and if that fails (templates are missing from the theme), it will switch to theme compatibility mode for requires template. This process is based on the code created by John James Jacoby for bbPress plugin. When theme compatibility is active, plugin will force theme to use page.php (or index.php) templates, and it will create dummy content that will include pre-rendered content that matches the requested knowledge base content. This is not the same as the full theme support with proper templates, but it will work with any theme.


For this display mode, plugin has a new set of styles that are used to better format displayed content across every theme, but, depending on your theme, some extra styling might be also required. Or, if you want, you can fully restyle the plugin output through your theme. For the theme compatibility mode, plugin adds special CSS class for BODY: ‘gdkob-theme-compatibility‘.

Every plugin element has unique class names that can be used to precisely target every element and adjust its styling with your theme.

Responsive Grid

For some elements, plugin is using built-in the lightweight responsive grid (based on Gridism). Some templates and some shortcodes depend on this grid. If you want to replace it with your own grid, you need to override templates that use it.

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