GD bbPress Toolbox Pro allows you to use WordPress integrated TinyMCE editor for editing topics and replies. The plugin includes several settings for configuring the TinyMCE integration.

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is adding TinyMCE using a public function in WordPress for adding the TinyMCE. This function has few settings you can modify, and that is basically everything allowed to do.

TinyMCE Editor Settings
TinyMCE Editor Settings

Editor Configuration

There are few things you can modify, and that can be done for Topic and Reply editor independently. To enable the editor, you need to enable both Enhancements and TinyMCE editor options. Also, you need to enable Post Formatting in the main bbPress plugin settings (link is included).

After you do that, you have 4 options related to TinyMCE:

  • Compact Editor Toolbar: this is ‘Lite’ version of the TinyMCE with only some basic buttons included.
  • Media Buttons: this will show button for adding files and images into the editor.
  • WPAutoP Filter: this filter is processing the content for auto formatting using paragraphs.
  • Editor Rows: this will configure a number of lines, or size, of the editor.

Advanced Settings

There are two special options that GD bbPress Toolbox Pro can use to improve the TinyMCE usability.

  • Allowed tags list: this will expand the list of allowed HTML tags and attributes for use in the editor. If you don’t use this, bbPress will strip out most of the HTML you may use in the TinyMCE. It is best to set this to Expanded range of tags and attributes.
  • Add Media button in TinyMCE: this option will allow the normal user (Participants) to use Media Button and Media Library. By default, bbPress user roles allow this for keymaster and moderator roles, and normal users can’t insert media in the TinyMCE editor.


As it is said before, GD bbPress Toolbox Pro adds TinyMCE into the topic and replies editors, and beyond few settings, there is no other control over the way the TinyMCE works.

  • TinyMCE is added using core WordPress function, and only settings implemented through this function are supported.
  • GD bbPress Toolbox Pro can’t change buttons (add or remove them) in the TinyMCE editor toolbar.
  • GD bbPress Toolbox Pro can’t control how the Media Library is used through Media Button in the TinyMCE editor.

Other potential problems

Once the editor is added to the website front end, theme styling and theme scripts can cause problems with the editor:

  • Themes with aggressive styling selector rules can change the colour of the buttons, make buttons too big or too small, make some areas of editor unusable. GD bbPress Toolbox Pro includes extra stylesheet to try and prevent some of these things front happening, but in the end, themes can do a lot of things beyond plugin control.
  • In rare cases, theme or other plugins can even interfere the TinyMCE working at all due to JavaScript errors, and you can end up with missing content during the edit, popups in TinyMCE not working and more. You can use browser debugger to find exactly what JavaScript errors you have on your website.
  • General rule is: fix all JavaScript errors, no matter what causes them. JavaScript can be very fragile, and breaking of one JavaScript part of the code can have a negative effect on other things, especially if using jQuery (and most of the WordPress uses jQuery).
  • If you run into such issues, you need to consult your theme author to fix the issues that are causing TinyMCE problems.
  • Dev4Press can’t provide any support related to the issues with TinyMCE!
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