Topic Actions / Reply Actions

Two plugin features that are always enabled: Topic Actions and Reply Actions, control the actions/buttons added to the topic and reply. The actions include all the default bbPress actions and all the different actions added by the GD bbPress Toolbox Pro. It is essential to know that most of these actions depend on the user role, so even if you have an action enabled via these Features, it will not be visible if the user role is not high enough to allow that action to be used in the first place.

The plugin is adding own Footer Actions Bar that can be used to move actions there, and it is highly recommended to have it enabled. Check more information about it in the separate article.

For each action, you can choose to: Hide it, Show it in Header, and Show it in Footer. You should also understand that many of these actions are important for the Moderation process, and hiding them can make it difficult for your forum moderators to do their job. It is best to rearrange actions between Header and Footer but ensure all important actions are visible.

Topic Actions Settings

The especially interesting action is Edit. This action is normally available to Keymasters and Moderators. But normal users can edit their topics and replies if the bbPress settings allow it. So, this action can show for normal users in some cases, which is normal.

As for the actions coming from GD bbPress Toolbox Pro will be visible only if the feature for that action is enabled. So, if you enable Quote action, for that action actually to show, you also need to enable the Quote feature.

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