Topics logged-in users read tracking

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2 thoughts on “Topics logged-in users read tracking”

  1. This user-tracking flexibility is fantastic! One specific Q related to the cutoff-timestamp:

    I’ve been using bbPress Toolbox Pro on a live-project for a while, but we’ve only recently (early June 2017) started using the user-tracking (on topics & replies). I’m trying to wrap my head around a simple, global way to re-adjust the “cutoff timestamp”, so that all topics from earlier in 2017 & 2016 do not get applied the “unread” user-tracking label? I’ve read the KB, so I’m just wonder exactly where I’d be able to re-set the cutoff timestamp (possibly in the MySQL db?). My understanding, is the cutoff timestamp gets set when the plugin is first installed & activated? I do have the “Use cutoff timestamp” option enabled. (√)

    “So, once the user visits the forum, all topics would be marked as unread. To avoid this, by default, the plugin is using something called ‘cutoff timestamp’. At the moment of the plugin installation (or upgrade to version 4.5), the cutoff timestamp will be set, and check for unread topics will be used only for visits coming after the cutoff timestamp.”


    • Hi,

      The cutoff timestamp is generated at the time GD bbPress Toolbox Pro with tracking is installed. It can’t be changed. The cutoff is used as a starting point for visits calculations and comparison to database stored visits. It is important to have it enabled to avoid unread/new marks on older content (prior the tracking activation).


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