Upgrade to plugin version 6.0

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro 6.0 is a significant update in terms of features, and the overall changes to the plugin, and because of that, it is important to know what to expect during the upgrade, and what possible issues you can run into.

To make sure you get all the changes in the new plugin version, make sure to check out the updated plugin documentation.

Features Organization

A most significant change is due to the changes in how the plugin features are handled. When installed, the updated plugin will run the migration process for the plugin settings and will adjust settings of the features based on the previous comparable settings. 98% of the settings are transferred, but there are few new settings and few settings no longer used (or used differently) that can produce slightly different results. All in all, there should be no issues with the transfer of the plugin settings from the old format to the new features based settings. But, after the update, make sure to check out all the features settings on the Features panel to make sure that settings are correct.

Templates Changes

Many templates have been changed to remove tabindex attribute from the INPUT and BUTTON form fields because bbPress doesn’t use them anymore, and they are generally not needed anyway, it is better to leave it to the browser to handle the next tab focus. Also, some templates may be using different functions due to the changes in the Features handling.

Potential breaking changes are in the signature form templates. Due to the changes in the way Signatures work, getting and displaying signature value has been changed, and because of that, parts of the signature related templates had to change too. If you have customized signature templates, make sure to update them according to the changes in the plugin before using the new version.

Widgets Templates

Forum Information and Topic Information widget have 2 more templates each. New templates are based on the old ones, but with added icons for each element of the information results, to make the widget look better and to enhance the user experience.

Import and Export

Settings export file created with the older plugin version is not compatible with the new one, and you can’t import old export files with the new version. And, vice versa, export made with the new plugin version (now compressed JSON file) can’t be imported in the old plugin version.

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