User review form settings

User review form has additional settings that can be used to control some of the form elements, use of HTML, fields sizes and support for TinyMCE visual editor for writing content. All these settings are located on the Reviews Form settings panel. These settings are split into several boxes.

Content Editor

By default, the plugin uses normal textarea for writing the review content. You can enable rich text TinyMCE editor instead. And, there are few extra settings you can set: using lite version (Tiny editor) with limited controls, WPAutoP processing, media buttons and few more things.

The maximum length for fields

Each review field can be limited in length, and you can set these limits here. Also, content length limiter will not work if you use TinyMCE editor. This will be addressed and updated in one of the future User Reviews Addon versions. Also, one of the future versions will include length limit applied to content excluding HTML tags.

Pros and Cons

You can allow using of HTML in Pros and Cons.

HTML Validation

By default, the plugin will use a basic set of HTML tags to limit the content of the field, and this set of tags depends on user role. But, you can enable the use of an expanded set of tags that is still safe to allow for everyone to use but with some extra flexibility.

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