Does the plugin works with BuddyBoss Platform?

We do not support BuddyBoss Platform integration for any of our bbPress-related plugins.

Dev4Press plugins for bbPress right now all require bbPress 2.6.2 or newer version, and old 2.5 versions of bbPress are no longer supported! BuddyBoss uses very outdated bbPress 2.5.12 (from 2017), which means that Dev4Press plugins for bbPress will not allow activation with bbPress 2.5.x (and because of the old version, it will not be active with BuddyBoss also). On top of that, BuddyBoss has made significant changes to the bbPress they are using, so a lot of stuff is not compatible anymore with the standalone bbPress plugin. Also, BuddyBoss uses BuddyPress 4.3, released in 2019 (the current standalone BuddyPress is 11.1.0 in May 2023), and again, their version of BuddyPress is significantly changed from the standalone BuddyPress, making the compatibility a huge issue.

Even if the BuddyBoss gets updated to bbPress 2.6 or newer, we have no plans of supporting BuddyBoss with our plugins due to the changes they made to bbPress, making proper support impossible.

This FAQ will be updated when something with bbPress or BuddyBoss changes.

TLDR: Dev4Press plugins for bbPress can’t be used with the BuddyBoss platform.

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