This shortcode will display an index for authors.


Shortcode has several attributes:

  • layout: name of the layout to use. Currently available: ‘basic’ and ‘compact’. Default: ‘basic’.
  • post_type: name of the post type to use. Default: ‘post’.
  • orderby: data property to use for ordering the list of authors. Supports: ‘id’, ‘name’, ‘slug’, ’email’ and ‘posts’. Default: ‘posts’.
  • order: order direction. Supports: ‘asc’ and ‘desc’. Default: ‘asc’.
  • avatar: the size of the avatar images. If set to 0, the avatar will be hidden. Default: 24.
  • columns: number of columns to use to display authors, only for ‘basic’ layout. Valid values are from 1 to 6. Default: 4.
  • class: additional CSS class names to add to the rendered block. Default: ”.
  • var-font-size: font size to set for the block. Default: ”.
  • var-line-height: line-height to set for the block. Default: ”.
  • var-background: background color for individual authors. Default: ”.
  • var-color: text color for individual authors. Default: ”.


Basic Layout


Compact Layout, order authors by name

[[archivespress-authors layout="compact" order="asc" orderby="name"]]

Basic Layout with 2 columns and red/white colors

[[archivespress-authors layout="basic" 
  var-background="red" var-color="white" columns=2]]

Compact Layout with no avatar and style changes

[[archivespress-authors layout="compact" var-background="purple" 
  var-color="white" avatar=0 var-font-size="14px"]]
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