This shortcode will display the inline-based share block, using default settings in Settings -> Inline, and all settings can be overridden with the shortcode attributes.


Shortcode has several attributes:

  • item: Type of item to share: ‘post’, ‘term’ and ‘custom’. Default: ”.
  • item_id: Real/Actual ID of the item (post_id, term_id). Default: ”.
  • title: Title for the page to be used in share content. Default: ”.
  • url: URL to share. Default: ”.

If these 3 are empty or omitted, the plugin will attempt to auto-detect the current page type and fill in the values.

And it has many attributes for styling purposes.

  • layout: Profile buttons layout. Supports: ‘icon’, ‘left’, ‘right’. Default: ‘left’.
  • align: Buttons alignment inside the block. Supports: ‘center’, ‘left’, ‘right’, ‘justify’, ‘none’. Default: ‘center’.
  • color: Button color scheme. Supports: ‘fill’ and ‘plain’. Default: ‘fill’.
  • rel: Value used for the links REL attribute. Default: ‘noopener’.
  • font_size: Font size for the share button, in pixels. Default: ’16’.
  • button_size: Button size, in pixels. Default: ’40’.
  • button_gap: Gap between buttons, in pixels. Default: ‘8’.
  • styling: Button style. Supports: ‘normal’, ’round’ and ’rounded’. Default: ‘normal’.
  • rounded: Rounded style button radius. Default: ‘4px’.
  • share_count_active: Background color of the button on hover. Default: ‘transparent’.
  • share_count_hide_if_zero: Text color of the button on hover. Default: ‘brand’.
  • networks: List of networks to show. Default depends on the global Inline settings.
  • block_id: Unique ID to add to the profiles block element. If empty, it will be autogenerated. Default: ”.


Basic Settings


Basic settings, some layout changes.

[coresocial-profiles-list layout="icon" styling="rounded" rounded="8"]
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