The filter ‘gdcub_breadcrumbs_final_list’ allows you to modify the list of the crumbs in the breadcrumbs list before it is sent to rendering.

This filter provides 3 arguments.


  • $list: the array with the breadcrumbs, where each element of the array is also an array
  • $id: the internal ID of the breadcrumbs list
  • $obj: the breadcrumbs generator object


Each crumb in the $list is an array with the following elements:

  • label: the display label/text for the crumbs.
  • type: the type of the crumb, it can be any custom string. This is an optional value.
  • url: the URL for the page crumb points to.
  • current: is the crumbs the current page, with value true or false. This should be used for the final crumb element in the list. This is an optional value.
  • class: string with the CSS classes to apply to the crumb. This is an optional value.
  • rel: the REL attribute for the crumb element. This is an optional value.
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