This shortcode is to render multi breadcrumbs for specified or the current page/post. This shortcode works only for posts, pages and custom post types posts.


Shortcode has several attributes:

  • method: display method: plain or smart. The default value is set based on the plugin settings.
  • rich_snippet: shortcode should include the rich snippet markup. You can use following values: ‘regular’, ‘rdf’, ‘rdf_legacy’, ‘microdata’, ‘jsonld’. The default value is set based on the plugin settings. Regular value disables the rich snippet.
  • classes_prefix: prefix used to generate CSS classes for generated breadcrumb. It is not recommended to use this, or the plugin default styling will fail. If you change the prefix, you need to update all the styling too.
  • class: additional CSS classes to apply to the breadcrumb.
  • post_id: ID of the post/page to render multi breadcrumbs. If this is 0 or omitted, current post/page will be used.
  • include_home: should we include first/home breadcrumb. The default value is ‘true’.
  • include_current: should we include the current post breadcrumb. The default value is ‘true’.
  • build_archive: include the breadcrumb for the post type archive (if available). The default value is ‘true’.
  • build_terms: include all available terms based breadcrumbs for each taxonomy post has. The default value is ‘true’.
  • build_dates: include date based archives (if available). The default value is ‘true’.

There is an additional attribute if you use WooCommerce.

  • build_woo: include shop based terms archives breadcrumbs. This is the same as build_terms, but it has Shop breadcrumb at the start. The default value is ‘true’. It is recommended to use this attribute as set to ‘true’ but set build_terms to ‘false’.



[gdcub_multicrumbs rich_snippet="jsonld" method="plain"]


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