This shortcode is used to display list of articles by category in a grid.


Shortcode has several attributes:

  • class: additional CSS class name to add
  • cats_sort_column: column for sorting categories. The default is ‘tt.count’.
  • cats_sort_order: categories sorting order. The default is ‘DESC’.
  • cats_limit: number of categories to show. The default is 6. This number should be divisible by the number of columns.
  • columns: number of grid columns. The default is 3.
  • sort_column: column for sorting articles. The default is ‘name’.
  • sort_order: articles sorting order. The default is ‘ASC’.
  • limit: number of articles per category limit. The default is 4.
  • show_votes: show votes total for each post. The default is ‘yes’.
  • show_all: show links to open all posts in specific category.

Category Sort Column

Sort column supports following values:

  • term name
  • t.term_id: term ID
  • t.slug: term slug name
  • tt.count: posts count

Articles Sort Column

Sort column supports following values:

  • name: article name
  • ID: article ID
  • date: article publish date
  • comment_count: article comments count
  • rand: random sort
  • none: no sorting



[gdkob_cats_articles cats_sort_column="tt.count" cats_sort_order="DESC" cats_limit="4" columns="2" sort_column="date" sort_order="DESC" limit="3" show_votes="yes" show_more="yes"]


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