This shortcode is used to display a list of FAQ.


Shortcode has several attributes:

  • class: additional CSS class name to add
  • category: one or more categories to filter entries.
  • type: content type to show: ‘all’, ‘video’, ‘nonvideo’.
  • sort_column: the column for sorting articles. The default is ‘name’.
  • sort_order: articles sorting order. The default is ‘ASC’.
  • limit: number of articles per category limit. The default is 4.
  • product: ID of the product to limit the list.
  • bgcolor: background colour for the list. The default is ‘#F4F4F4’.

Articles Sort Column

Sort column supports following values:

  • name: article name
  • ID: article ID
  • date: article publish date
  • comment_count: article comments count
  • rand: random sort
  • none: no sorting



[gdkob_list_faqs sort_column="rand" sort_order="ASC" type="all" limit="4"]


Can you nest BBCodes?

Yes. You can nest BBCodes as long as they are different types. You can have UL BBCode and inside it, you can have LI BBCodes.

And No. You can’t nest the same type of BBCodes. You can’t have UL inside another UL. Ordered or unordered list in HTML is allowed, and you can have UL, inside it several LI tags, and in those LI tags, you can have another UL. This will not work in WordPress, and BBCodes written like that will also fail to render properly. This will not change until WordPress fixes the issue.

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Rating is working, but instead of stars I see letters S

If you don’t see stars, but instead there are letters S, this means that font with icons used by the plugin is not loaded by the browsers. The reason for this is that most likely your website is loading a font from CDN and some browsers are enforcing CORS policy. To get more information about it, and the solution on how to fix it, check out this article: Loading fonts from CDN.

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Where can I get the invoice for my purchase?

All payments and invoicing are handled by MyCommerce ShareIt. When you complete the purchase, you will get an email from ShareIt containing the invoice, and it is important to keep these emails safe or download the invoice for your archive. And later, you can download the invoice from your account at ShareIt.

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