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This shortcode is used to display a list of FAQ.


Shortcode has several attributes:

  • class: additional CSS class name to add
  • category: one or more categories to filter entries.
  • type: content type to show: ‘all’, ‘video’, ‘nonvideo’.
  • sort_column: the column for sorting articles. The default is ‘name’.
  • sort_order: articles sorting order. The default is ‘ASC’.
  • limit: number of articles per category limit. The default is 4.
  • product: ID of the product to limit the list.
  • bgcolor: background colour for the list. The default is ‘#F4F4F4’.

Articles Sort Column

Sort column supports following values:

  • name: article name
  • ID: article ID
  • date: article publish date
  • comment_count: article comments count
  • rand: random sort
  • none: no sorting



[gdkob_list_faqs sort_column="rand" sort_order="ASC" type="all" limit="4"]


I have some errors important for my question. How can I add error log?

You need to get error log from your server, and you need to attach that file with the topic. Always make archive from the log (ZIP is preferred archive type), and never attach raw, uncompressed log, they can be quite big. If that doesn’t bring the size down, it is best to attach only partial log, especially when the same errors repeat all the time.

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Why is this plugin display broken with my theme?

Plugin is adding own styling for the features it adds, but there is no way to make styles completely immune to other stylesheets or styles added by other plugins or theme. Many themes are adding styles that are very aggressive and they can be made to have higher priority in styling certain elements. In that case, a theme can cause issues with the plugin features styling.

The only solution is to identify the styles that are causing problems and add new styles to fix that. This has to be done for every theme that causes problems.

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Some BuddyPress features break when I use BuddyPress Nuovo templates?

The problem is caused by the Italic BBCode due to the conflict with the Underscore templates system BuddyPress uses. There are two ways to solve this:

  • You can disable Italic BBCode (Forums -> Tools -> BBCodes -> Disable BBCodes) or,
  • You can limit BBCodes to the bbPress content only (Forums -> Tools -> BBCodes -> bbPress Only). If you do this, BBCodes will work only with bbPress topics, replies and forums.
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