This shortcode is used to display a list of FAQ.


Shortcode has several attributes:

  • class: additional CSS class name to add
  • category: one or more categories to filter entries.
  • type: content type to show: ‘all’, ‘video’, ‘nonvideo’.
  • sort_column: the column for sorting articles. The default is ‘name’.
  • sort_order: articles sorting order. The default is ‘ASC’.
  • limit: number of articles per category limit. The default is 4.
  • product: ID of the product to limit the list.
  • bgcolor: background colour for the list. The default is ‘#F4F4F4’.

Articles Sort Column

Sort column supports following values:

  • name: article name
  • ID: article ID
  • date: article publish date
  • comment_count: article comments count
  • rand: random sort
  • none: no sorting



[gdkob_list_faqs sort_column="rand" sort_order="ASC" type="all" limit="4"]


Rating is working, but instead of stars I see letters S

If you don’t see stars, but instead there are letters S, this means that font with icons used by the plugin is not loaded by the browsers. The reason for this is that most likely your website is loading a font from CDN and some browsers are enforcing CORS policy. To get more information about it, and the solution on how to fix it, check out this article: Loading fonts from CDN.

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Should I use child themes included with the plugin?

Child themes provided with GD Knowledge Base Pro are not required. The plugin works with any theme, and child themes provided are examples to get you started with custom development in case you want to customise GD Knowledge Base Pro plugin templates. Using child themes is not recommended for non-developers.

If you want to add only styling changes, you can add your own custom CSS into your theme style.css file.

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Can I limit users to own files in Media Library via TinyMCE Add Media button?

No. WordPress Media Library has no options or controls to limit access to use of files based on the user role. Also, all files uploaded through Media Library are publically accessible via the URL. WordPress doesn’t have any mechanism for limiting access to files in media library.

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