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Filter gdrts-template-stars-review-default-table-thumbnail-size is used to filter the thumbnail size for the Default Table templates for Stars Review method templates. This filter has one argument only:

  • $size: size of the thumbnail. It can be in the standard WordPress image dimensions: name of the registered size (thumbnail, medium, large, full…) or the array with width and height. Default is array(64, 64) – to display image 64×64 pixels.


Here is the basic example to change the thumbnail size for the default table template:

add_filter('gdrts-template-stars-review-default-table-thumbnail-size', 'custom__gdrts-template-stars-review-default-table-thumbnail-size');
function custom__gdrts-template-stars-review-default-table-thumbnail-size($size) {
  return array(128, 48);
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