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This filter (gdrts_calculate_slider_review_item) is used to filter item after the vote calculations have been done after voting.

This filter provides 5 arguments. Using this filter allows modifications to the $item and even modification of the calculated ratings. Do not use if you are not sure what this can do.


  • $item: item used to do calculations for.
  • $action: action can be vote or revote.
  • $vote: vote added to the calculation.
  • $max: max vote value.
  • $previous: if $action is a revote, this is the vote being replaced.


add_filter('gdrts_calculate_slider_review_item', 'custom__gdrts_calculate_slider_review_item', 10, 5);
function custom__gdrts_calculate_slider_review_item($item, $action, $vote, $max, $previous) {
  // modify the $item object //

  // return the $item object//
  return $item;
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