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When the vote is saved to the database, action gdrts_db_vote_logged is executed. This action provides 3 arguments.


  • $log_id: ID from the votes log
  • $data: main data related to the vote
  • $meta: additional data related to the vote

Argument: $data

This argument is an array with main vote information:

  • item_id: rating item connected to the gdrts_items database table
  • user_id: ID of the user, or 0 for visitor vote
  • ref_id: reference log ID if the vote is re-vote
  • action: vote or revote
  • status: active or replaced
  • method: name of the rating method
  • logged: date time of the vote
  • ip: IP of the voter
  • series: name of the series for the rating method

Argument: $meta

This depends on the rating method, and it contains information about the vote.


add_action('gdrts_db_add_vote_to_log', 'custom__gdrts_db_add_vote_to_log', 10, 3);
function custom__gdrts_db_add_vote_to_log($log_id, $data, $meta) {
  // get rating item with all rating data included
  $item = gdrts_get_rating_item(array('item_id' = $data['item_id']));

  // do something with the data
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