This shortcode displays rating block for any rating item, and you need to specify which item to show. If a template, style, alignment and distribution attributes are missing, the plugin will use default values.

List of attributes

  • type: entity and name of the type connected with a dot like this: {entity}.{name} and both are required.
  • id: real ID of the item you want to show. If this is for the post, this is post ID.
  • item: internal item ID of the item you want to show. If you provide this number, you don’t need to provide type/id attributes.
  • series: name of the Emote series. Default: default.
  • class: CSS class for the shortcode wrapper.
  • template: name of the template to use for display. Supported values: default. List of templates can be expanded, and a list of all available templates is listed on the Templates panel in Information menu. This shortcode can use templates listed under Like This / Single Block.
  • alignment: alignment of the rating block. Supported values: left, right, center, none.
  • style_theme: CSS theme to use to style the thumbs block. Supported values: basic, standard, standard-overlay, button.
  • style_type: what to use, font icons or images. Supported values: image.
  • style_image_name: name of the image to use: Supported values: emoji-one, emoticons.
  • style_size: size in pixels for the font icon or image.
  • style_class: additional CSS class to add to rating block wrapper.


[gdrts_emote_this type="posts.page" id=1
template="default" style_size=48 style_theme="button"]
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