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This filter is executed prior to the points assignment for the rating action. This filter controls the points that will be given to the author of the post that has been rated. The initial value is based on the addon settings and rules, and you can change it based on the additional data provided by the filter.

This filter provides 5 arguments.


  • $points: number of points to give to the user.
  • $log_id: id of the vote log entry.
  • $data: array the main rating object data (contains method, series…).
  • $meta: an array containing actual rating, including the vote.
  • $item: object with the rated post or another rating item.


This example will check if the rating method is Stars Rating and will give a different amount of points if the rating value is 5 stars.

add_filter('gdrts_mycred_for_rated_points', 'custom__gdrts_mycred_for_rated_points', 10, 5);
function custom__gdrts_mycred_for_rated_points($points, $log_id, $data, $meta, $item) {
  if ($data['method'] == 'stars-rating' && $meta['vote'] == 5) {
    $points = $points * 2;
  return $points;
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