gdrts_render_custom_emotes_block($atts = array())


Render emote this block for specified rating values and with custom settings. This function is not rendering rating block (active or disabled), it just simply shows the rating values as a emotes block, nothing more. It is useful for showing rating in any place, where you already have rating value, and there is no need to have full rating block displayed.


  • $atts: array with display settings.

$atts array

  • series: name of the emote series, default: default.
  • elements: associative array, key is the name of the series elements, value is the number of votes.
  • style_type: render style: image.
  • style_name: name of the style element, default: emoji-one.
  • style_size: size in pixels for individual emote elements.
  • style_theme: theme for the thumbs block, default: standard.
  • style_class: additional CSS class to add to the block.
  • show_labels: show labels for each emote icon.
  • show_percentage: show percentages instead of the absolute votes values.
  • title: custom text to add to the wrapper DIV title attribute.


Display rating 4/5 with this code:

<?php echo gdrts_render_custom_emotes_block(
        array('series' => 'default', 
        'elements' => array('funny' => 2, 'happy' => 3, 'angry' => 3))); ?>
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