Filter gdrts_render_single_like_this_args_stars is used to filter the parameters used for the rendering of stars in the single rating block for Stars Rating method templates. This filter has 2 arguments:

  • $atts: array of parameters to filter
  • $render_object: the instance of the render object

Array $atts contains following elements:

  • allow_rating: if set to false, the rating will be disabled.
  • show_votes: show votes count.
  • labels: associative array with the list of labels to use. Leave to null, do use default values.This associative array contains 3 values:
    • liked: default ‘Liked’
    • like: default ‘Like’
    • unlike: default ‘Unlike’

If you need to modify all the styling properties (style type, name…), you should use the filter that runs before the template is actually loaded:

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