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Filter gdrts_render_single_like_this_args_rating is used to filter the parameters used for the rendering of rating text in the single rating block for Like This method templates. This filter has several arguments:

  • $atts: the array of parameters to filter
  • $render_object: the instance of the render object
  • $_rating: rating value
  • $_user_has_voted: number of votes

Array $atts contains following elements:

  • before: HTML to show before the rating text.
  • after: HTML to show after the rating text.
  • show_votes: show number of votes.
  • likes: the string showing the rating. By default, this is can have various value, depending on the current user vote:
    • Only current user voted: You like this.
    • Current user and more voted: You and %s other like this.
    • Users voted: %s person voted.

Example to change likes string

add_filter('gdrts_render_single_like_this_args_rating', 'custom__gdrts_render_single_like_this_args_rating', 10, 4);
function custom__gdrts_render_single_like_this_args_rating($atts, $obj, $_rating, $_user_has_voted) {
  if ($_user_has_voted) {
	if ($_rating == 1) {
	  $atts['likes'] = __("You like this.", "gd-rating-system");
    } else {
      $_rating_mod = $_rating - 1;

      $atts['likes'] = sprintf(_n("You and %s other like this.", "You and %s others like this.", $_rating_mod, "gd-rating-system"), $_rating_mod);
  } else {
    $atts['likes'] = sprintf(_n("%s person likes this.", "%s people like this.", $_rating, "gd-rating-system"), $_rating);

  return $atts;
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