This filter (gdrts_thumbs_rating_loop_list_item_args) is used to filter arguments for the list loop for a single item rendering. This filter is fired once for each item before that item is rendered within the list loop template.

This filter provides 1 argument – the array with the list of arguments. The list of values in this array depends on the plugin settings, and you can print the list to see what you can change. Some values changes will have no effect changing using this filter, but some can be changed: style or colours.


add_filter('gdrts_thumbs_rating_loop_list_item_args', 'custom__gdrts_thumbs_rating_loop_list_item_args');
function custom__gdrts_thumbs_rating_loop_list_item_args($args) {
  // modify the $args array //
  $args['font_color_empty'] = '#ededed';

  // return thee $args array//
  return $args;
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