This block is wrapper for the Inline Share Method. It exposes a lot of settings for styling and layout, selection of buttons and more.

Block Attributes

Most of the block attributes are pretty self explanatory. But, I want to further explain some of these settings. We are starting with Networks selection, where you will see all enabled share networks and internal share buttons. Style and Counts attributes panel have a lot of settings to control the styling and display of button elements, including counts. And, in editor, context toolbar displayed when the block is selected, includes the Alignment button to change buttons alignment inside the block, include very useful Justify option to make sure buttons fill the block size.

Finally, there is one more option in the Advanced Attributes Inspector Panel called ‘Page Context’. Since this block requires to know which post is needs to show data for, when you add this block directly into post or page, you should switch content to the Block Context. If the block is inside something else (widget, template…), you should keep it in the Global Context and plugin will inherit post ID from the global post ID in the WordPress query loop.

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