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ArchivesPress generates terms, dates, and authors indexes using shortcodes. Currently. there are 3 shortcodes available, and each one has a set of attributes you can change to control the output, data ordering, and more.

Post Types Filter

In WordPress, each post can have a date for publishing, author (optional for custom post types), and taxonomy terms (optional). So, you can use each of the plugin’s shortcode with the post_type specified (by default is set to ‘post’). But, the main issue with the archives that are based on dates, author or terms, is that in WordPress, only the default post type ‘post’ has them. For custom post types, you can’t have date-based archives, and if you need it, it has to be implemented with a custom-coded solution. Because of that, functions that are used to generate archive links in such cases will only work for the ‘post’ post type.

And, plugin and all 3 of the shortcodes will work out of the box for post type ‘post’, which is what most WordPress websites will use anyway. If you have custom-coded solutions to implement custom post types dates and author-based archives, you will need to use filters to override the URLs generated by default and replace them with the URLs that are related to your custom coded solution.

Available Shortcodes

To learn about each shortcode, check out their respective reference pages.

About Shortcodes Attributes

Each shortcode supports a similar set of attributes. Make sure you check out which values are allowed for some of the attributes. Be careful with the attributes that are ‘var-‘ prefixed:

  • var-font-size and var-line-height: both require CSS compatible value for font size and line height, it is recommended to use percentage or PX values (90%, 14px, 20px). By default, CSS sets font-size to 16px, and line-height to 1.5.
  • var-background and var-color (and all the variants): both should use HEX formatted values for colors (#FFF, #EA0000, #897).
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