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Based on the IP from the event, plugin can GEO locate the request source. The location can include country, state (or region) and city, and can also include latitude and longitude too.

For statistical purposes and analysis of requests, it can be very useful to have at least precise country information, and plugin can also store other GEO location information as retrieved from the GEO location service.

Available Services

Right now, plugin supports 3 different methods for GEO location.

To change active Geo Location service, use the Geo Location settings panel. Database services require license or token to enable database download.

All supported services support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. When it comes to what is best to use, Online version can be slow, or it can be offline from time to time, making Database versions much better solution. But, Database versions require registration to provide licenses or tokens for download (they are free).

Location displayed in entry popup

Location Limitations

It is very important to know that GEO Location is not perfect, and it is not 100% correct! It is not a good idea to base decisions on the GEO located country alone, because there are many factors that can influence the locations for the IP. GEO location can’t identify individual address or household!

Data Accuracy

For country location, this is highly precise information, and IP to Country is very reliable information. When it comes to the actual address, this is where the data is much less precise, and it can give you city and approximate latitude and longitude for that city, but it can’t include information that can identify the address or household.

GEO Location Database

In general, GEO location is based on the data for the IP (both IPv4 and IPv6) assignments done by IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) and local ISP (Internet Service Provider) or other authorities. All that data is compiled into the database that is updated over time.

Assignment of IP addresses to individual countries is largely very precise, but there are IP address blocks that may change the country from time to time, based on demand, especially for IPv4 addresses. IPv6 address do not change country ownership as frequently, considering the number of available addresses in IPv6 range.


  • To have GEO location logging enabled, make sure to check the Settings and enable IP Location Data settings, and have at least Country Code logging enabled.
  • It is highly recommended to use Database based location service. Both supported services are free, and easy to integrate. Database based location is faster than online services, and more reliable.
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