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coreSecurity has wide range of features included. All features are controlled via the Features panel.

Each feature has direct controls to enable or disable the feature, and additional icons linking to knowledge base, settings and panels that some features add. On top of the page you have a filter area where you can show or hide features based on activation, and search for feature by keyword.

Features Panel

Depending on the individual feature requirements, some features will be greyed out, and will not be available for activation. For instance, if you don’t use Gravity Forms plugin, and that plugin is not active on the website, Antispam Gravity Forms feature will be disabled and not possible to activate.

Core Features

These features are always active, and other features may depend on them.

Special Features

And, to start, there are some features that can’t be classified into specific security categories.


Plugin has powerful firewall feature that can scan each page request with wide range or filters.


If you suspect that your website files are modified or infected by malware, there are two scanners to use.

Antispam Features

Antispam is a complex feature split into various smaller parts. The main element is Antispam Core, and it is always active.

WordPress Core

These features can be activated always, because they depend on the WordPress core features.

bbPress Plugin

If you are using bbPress plugin for implementing forums, you will have two antispam features for topics and replies.

Forms Plugins

These features will be available only if you have one of these third party form plugins installed.

Security Headers Features

coreSecurity can add various security related headers, and there are 3 separate features dealing with that.

Login and Registration Features

Control user accounts registration process and login process for spambots and malicious access attempts.

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