Explaining The File Scanner

File Scanner is powerful diagnostics feature in coreSecurity Pro, and it has two main parts:

Check out these articles to get in-depth information about both scanners, their goal, process and results.

File Scanner Panel

The File Scanner adds own panel into coreSecurity Pro Admin interface, where you can see the status and results of the last scan. If the scan has not been run, or it was purged, you can start the new scan, or if the scan is running, you can see the current progress.

If the scan has finished, the results are looking like this:

File Scanner Results

Results tab will show the overview of both scanners, and you can switch to individual tabs to see results for Integrity and Malware scan. Messages tab will list all the messages logged during the scan process.

Scan overview is useful to help you quickly get information about how many files have failed integrity check, and number of files that have been detected as potential malware.

Scanner Basics

Scanning process will always start with integrity scanning, and it will use those results to compile the list of files to run through malware scanner. To see how the scanning process works, and which phases it goes through, check out the File Scanning Process article.

Scanner works as a background process, split into smaller tasks constrained by the server PHP execution time limit (usually 30 or 60 seconds).

Plugin keeps scanning results for the last scan only, and it can run only one scanning process in the same time. Once the scanner is done, you can reset it and run it again.

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