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coreSecurity contains wide range of features that deal with spam, login and registration, firewall and more. And, many of these features are meant to be used with bbPress, to stop spam, stop spammers and bots registration and more.

There are three major areas where coreSecurity Pro can deliver massive improvements when it comes to bbPress powered forums security and spam-free content. But, many other coreSecurity Pro features can be used to benefit the forums, just like they can do with the whole WordPress powered website.

bbPress Security Solutions

Stop Spammers and Bots accounts registration

If you are running a forum, you need to have users, and if your user registration is open, it is a good idea to have a way to determine if the registration attempts are coming from bots or known spammers.

coreSecurity Pro includes very powerful Registration Control feature that hooks into WordPress user registration system, and can check each registration attempt with many validation methods before approving the account registration.

Since bbPress is using the normal WordPress account registration, even if you use the bbPress own registration form, this feature works with that form, and it will process all registration attempts coming from it.

This feature is highly effective, and it will eliminate 99% of bots or known spammer accounts registration attempt. It will keep your bbPress forums clean from spammer accounts.

Prevent Bots login and brute force logins

One of the most popular methods to discover vulnerabilities, or to simply brute force login by guessing passwords is to have bots attempt automated login attempts with predefined list of usernames common to WordPress websites.

bbPress’ forums are not immune to this, and if you have open registration on your website, and you have login form clearly visible in the forums, by adding bbPress login widget or something else, you will get under different forms of login attacks from bots for sure.

To help with the bots logging, coreSecurity Pro has 3 important features that deal with the login attempts. All three work with bbPress and support use of bbPress login form.

The features dealing with login protection are Username Trap, Login Honeypot and Login Limit. It is highly recommended to use one or all of these features to protect your website from bots login attempts.

Stop Topics and Replies spam

Finally, the most critical aspect of the forums is the potential for spam. If you run closed forums, where registrations are pre-approved, you will most likely be safe from spam. But, if you have a forum where user can register, or your forum allow visitors posting anonymously, you are going to get a lot of spam.

Dealing with spam can be very time-consuming, and coreSecurity Pro is first and only comprehensive solution for bbPress spam, that will eliminate over 98% of spam without any interaction, and over time can be even more efficient, since it can use old spam to stop spammers.

coreSecurity Pro has two features dedicated to bbPress when it comes to spam: AntiSpam Topics and Antispam Replies, allowing you to independently control antispam measures for topics and replies. To learn more, check out this article: Antispam bbPress.

Other useful security features for forums

Well configured coreSecurity Pro is essential for the website protection, and forums will too benefit from having Firewall, automatic ban of offending IPs and more.

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