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CoreSocial is a powerful plugin that is easy to setup. When you install it for the first time, and go through the basic install panel, you will proceed to the About panel to learn more about the plugin, and then you can open the Setup Wizard to start with configuring plugin while learning more about some of the plugin core features.

Plugin Help in WordPress

Plugin takes advantage of the WordPress Help tab, which is present on every admin page. When you are on any of the CoreSocial admin pages, you can open the Help tab to get the information about the panel, information about the plugin and the important links for the plugin on Dev4Press, including support.

It is highly recommended to check the Help tab on Settings pages where some of the aspects of every settings panel are explain in more details.

Sharing Content

The plugin supports many popular social networks and online services, along with some internal helper methods (email, QR Code, print and like). To get more information about supported networks, check out this article:

Each time a button is clicked, the popup for sharing is displayed, and user can share the content. But, there is no way to really know if the content is shared or not. So, anytime the button is pressed, the plugin will log that click. This is the only valid metrics to know how many time some content may be shared. To get actual share numbers, we need to get that via the API from each network or website. But, that is not possible, since only some networks have API methods to do that, making real share counts practically impossible for most networks.

To get the statistics collected by the plugin, start from the plugin dashboard to get quick overview, and use Share Items and Share Log panels to get more data.

Share Methods

The plugin currently has two share methods: Inline Share Block (with auto embed or via the block in the Block Editor) and Floating Share Bar. To learn about these methods, check out the articles for both.

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