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user guide add attachments to topics and replies

Attachments are one of the most important features all standalone forums have, and it is a very popular feature GD bbPress Toolbox Pro adds to bbPress. Attachments for bbPress topics and replies are implemented with Attachments feature, and it uses WordPress Media Library to handle upload and files management.

Additional Resources

Before we go on with attachments information, make sure to check out article about Attachments settings first.

This feature supports forum override settings, and you can change various aspects of the Attachments feature on the forum by forum basis.

Working with Attachments

Adding Attachments

To make the upload experience better for the forum users, and to also minimize issues with uploaded files (too big, wrong file type), the plugin has enhanced upload interface that shows a preview for files before upload, allow inserting the file into content and few more things. And, the control validates file type and size prior to upload. This enhanced interface is optional, and you can disable it for default basic HTML upload controls.

When the topic or reply forms include attachments upload, it will feature several notices about limits, and the upload buttons to choose files to attach.

Attachments in the form
Attachments in the form

For each file, you will see the preview (or extension, if the file is not image), name, size and extension. If file is not allowed or over allowed size limit, you will see error messages with option to remove the file.

And, for valid files, you have few actions 9some depend on the plugin settings, and may be disabled).

Attachments in Content

Attachments are displayed under topic or reply content, and there are many options to control how they are displayed and what extra options are available.

Attachments in content.png
Attachments in content.png

The display layout can be configured in the feature settings. List of upload errors is not visible to regular users.

Edit Attachments

When editing post with attachments, all attachments will be listed, with button to add them into content (with shortcode) an options to remove them.

Attachments in edit form
Attachments in edit form

Attachments Limitation

  • Attachments are not available to visitors, and account is required to upload files.
  • Files upload is dependent on WordPress media library, and any limitations of the library apply to attachments in th forums.
  • Image attachments will get smaller versions of the image as any other image in the media library.
  • There is no protection against free access to uploaded files. If user has URL to the file, user will be able to access that file.
  • You need to attach files one by one. Due to limitations of the upload controls in the browser, this is the only way allowing us

Files upload depend on server settings for file size allowed to upload, and number of files allowed for upload in a single POST request. There are 3 relevant settings in the PHP.ini file.

  • max_file_uploads: this limits number of files in one POST request, basically maximum number of files that can be uploaded in one request.
  • upload_max_filesize: this limits size of a single file.
  • post_max_size: this limits size of the full POST request. In theory, this value has to be greater than the product of previous two values. If you want to have 5 files uploaded in one request, and with max size of a single file being 500KB, POST size value has to be greater than 2500K at least.


Files upload can be complex to properly set up, and many things depend on factors outside the Toolbox plugin. Make sure to check these articles for more information.

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