Ultimate Guide To GD bbPress Toolbox Pro

user guide ultimate guide to gd bbpress toolbox pro

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is a feature rich plugin with over 50 features aiming to enhance and expand forums created with bbPress plugin.


To use GD bbPress Toolbox Pro, you need to have installed and active bbPress plugin. This has to be latest, standalone version of bbPress, we don’t support use of bundled or modified versions of bbPress!

For full plugin system requirements check out this official system requirements page.

Getting Plugin Ready

If you installed and activated bbPress, you are ready for GD bbPress Toolbox Pro.

To get started, you need to install GD bbPress Toolbox Pro. Check out the installation and plugin update article. Once you install and activate the plugin, and you have gone through the Installation confirmation screen, you get to the plugin setup.

coreSecurity Pro requires license code for activation, and without the license code, plugin can’t be used. More about the license is included in this article If you have your license code, it is best to start with the Setup Wizard , where you can add this code as the first step, and then proceed to configure several basic plugin settings and features.

Regular Plugin Updates

It is very important to keep plugin regularly updated. More about updating the plugin is available in this Article.

The Plugin Interface

Plugin adds various plugin panels, depending on the active features and system configuration. Main panel for getting started with using the GD bbPress Toolbox Pro is dashboard.

To get overview of the plugin panels organization and navigation, check out this article.


It is best to start with the Settings panel. It has only few settings there, but it is very important to know about it. There you can also configure the license code, and see the license code validation status. All the plugin features can be enabled/disabled and controlled via the Features panel.

The Help

GD bbPress Toolbox Pro integrates into the WordPress Admin Help system, available via the Help tab on the top right of the page, just underneath the main toolbar. If you open this Help tab on GD bbPress Toolbox Pro panels, you will get helpful information with links to the knowledge base.

Help Tab
Help Tab

For each feature you have links to the knowledge base included on feature settings panel, or with thr book icon on main Features page.

Plugin Features

The core of the plugin are features, and you have few features that are always enabled, with the rest being optional.

Best place to start, is the user guide with the overview of All the Toolbox Features. From there you can get information about every plugin feature, including configuration and how to use it.

The plugin also adds many new widgets that can be used in theme sidebars.

More User Guides

Two biggest features in GD bbPress Toolbox Pro are BBCodes and Attachments, both having own user guides and many additional articles and tutorials.

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