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All Dev4Press plugins can be installed into WordPress using different methods. This includes the use of specialized Dev4Press Updater plugin (it can install and update plugins themes), using WordPress directly, or using FTP. All three methods can be used for the plugin update.

When it comes to updating, it is important to know that even if you remove the Dev4Press plugin, all plugin settings remain in the database, so when you update it later, it will pick up old settings.


With Dev4Press Updater

  1. Setup Dev4Press Updater plugin following instructions.
  2. Open Dev4Press menu, Install New panel.
  3. You will see the list of products you have a license for.
  4. Select the plugin you want to install, and click the Install Now link.
  5. The plugin will be installed, and you will get the option to activate it.

With WordPress Plugins Add New

  1. Download plugin ZIP file to your computer.
  2. Login into WordPress Administration.
  3. Open Plugins panel, Add New.
  4. Click on the Upload option at the top of the page.
  5. An upload form appears, click Choose and select plugin ZIP archive from your computer.
  6. Click Install Now.
  7. The plugin will be uploaded and installed, and you will get the option to activate it.

With FTP Upload

  1. Download plugin ZIP file to your computer.
  2. Unzip the archive, and you will get a directory with the name of the plugin.
  3. Use FTP client to content to your website FTP server.
  4. Locate the ‘plugins’ directory for your website.
  5. Move the directory that you have unpacked from the ZIP archive to the ‘plugins’ directory.
  6. Wait for theĀ upload to finish.
  7. Login into WordPress Administration.
  8. Open the Plugins panel and find the plugin.
  9. Click Activate.


With Dev4Press Updater

Once you setup the Dev4Press Updater plugin, it will notify you once the update is available. And, when this plugin finds an update, the update is done as with other WordPress plugins (directly from WordPress Plugins panel, WordPress Update, and from Dev4Press Updater’s own panel).

With WordPress Plugins Add New

WordPress installer can’t be used to update plugins. But, it can be done:

WordPress 5.4 and older
  1. Disable the plugin you want to update.
  2. Uninstall the plugin.
  3. Install new version using previous Installation instructions.
WordPress 5.5 and newer

An update is the same as installation and you don’t need to remove the old plugin version, but, when you upload the file, and WordPress determines that the plugin is already installed, you need to confirm that you want to replace the existing version with the new one.

With FTP Upload

It is the same as with installation using FTP upload. But, since the old plugin version is there already, the FTP client will ask you what to do, and you always choose: replace existing files.

Important Notice

If you are updating a plugin that has addons (GD Rating System, GD Press Tools, and GD Knowledge Base currently), it is highly recommended to first disable the plugin and all its addons you have installed. In some cases, addons are updated at the same time with the main plugin, and you must update the main plugin and all its addons available for update.

You can use any update method, just make sure the plugin and addons for it are disabled before the update. After you update the plugin and its addons, you can reactivate them. No settings are lost during this process.

Post-install Process

Check out this article for more information:

Post-update Process

Check out this article for more information:

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