User Reviews addon can be integrated into WooCommerce to completely replace the default WooCommerce review system. Default review system in WooCommerce is very simple, and with User Reviews addon you can add a lot more flexibility to the reviews and take advantage of different rating methods GD Rating System Pro plugin can use.

Introduction to WooCommerce integration

User Reviews Addon when WooCommerce support is activated completely replaces the WooCommerce default reviews system. This includes:

  • Reviews tab with a list of reviews and reviews form
  • Overall rating with the number of reviews under the product title
  • An overall rating under the product title in the shop, list of related products or widgets

Before you start with that, there are some things you need to know:

  • If your products had some reviews and ratings submitted with default WooCommerce system they will not be used by User Reviews Addon, and these ratings or reviews can’t be transferred to GD Rating System Pro.

How the integration looks like

Here is the image showing a single product page and various elements replaced by User Reviews. The Reviews tab added by WooCommerce is removed and replaced with a new tab (same name) with the list of reviews and at the bottom the review form. A rating under the title has been replaced with a similar looking rating block of the average rating from all reviews.

Product example with reviews
Product example with reviews

Full Demo Website

If you want to see how the integration works, check out the demo website where WooCommerce is integrated with the User Reviews Addon and Multi Ratings Addon. The demo is available here.

WooCommerce Settings

Once you activate User Reviews Addon, the settings panel will include WooCommerce settings panel, if the WooCommerce is installed and activated. Following article has information about the WooCommerce related integration settings.

Integration setup guide

When you activate the WooCommerce integration settings from the article, you are almost ready to go. Enabling the integration starts the second part of the integration, post types rules for the Product post type. WooCommerce use Product post type for all it’s products. And, User Reviews Addon has to be configured to work with each post type you want to have reviews. By activating WooCommerce integration, the addon will enable Product Post Type settings too and configure them.

So, now is the time to review how the Product post type settings for User Reviews look like. Open the Post Type Rules settings panel, and you will see that Post Type Product has been activated and partially configured. Before we go on, you should learn more about the User Reviews addon general settings and setup from the main user guide:

Basic Post Type settings

This is how the basic settings for Product post type should look like.

Basic settings for post type Product
Basic settings for post type Product

Option for template override should be disabled, because this integration doesn’t replace normal comments template, but adds tab into the product page.

Rating methods

This part is entirely up to you. If you use only GD Rating System Pro, you can choose between Stars Rating or Slider Rating for the main rating method used in the reviews form. If you use Multi Ratings Addon, you will also see Stars Rating and Slider Rating methods with all the multi rating series defined. With Multi Ratings Addon you can create your own rating block that has 2 or more elements so that each rating has different rating criteria. More on the process of creating a multi rating series you can see in the tutorial:

Back to the ratings for Products. Default settings would look like this:

Post type Product ratings settings
Post type Product ratings settings

This says that the Stars Rating method will be used for user reviews. Author review method is not relevant here, because the author (owner) usually don’t review own products, so this option can be ignored. As for the Public Ratings, this is already explained in Getting started with User Reviews user guide, so check it out there.

Configure the rating methods

For the reviews, integration addon will use one or more rating methods. For instance, Stars Rating for user reviews, Thumbs Rating for the public reviews. By default, there is no need for any special changes to be made, and the plugin will use global settings for each method (from the plugin Settings panel for individual methods). But, if you want to use different settings for reviews integration, you can use Rules panel for defining special settings rules for each method.

Overall embed settings

With WooCommerce integration, this part of integration is not needed, because WooCommerce already has predefined way to integration overall rating, and the User Reviews addon will do that in any case, so you can set Location for Overall Embed to manual to disable it.

Step by Step guide

The user guide so far covers everything you need to know about setting up the WooCommerce integration. Here is the quick overview of what you need to do:

  1. Open the WooCommerce settings panel in the User Reviews panel, and make sure to enable Reviews Integration option.
  2. On the same panel, make sure to disable default reviews added by the WooCommerce (if you didn’t do that through WooCommerce settings).
  3. Check out other settings on that panel, and make sure to read the article about WooCommerce settings.
  4. Open the Post Types Rules in the User Reviews panel, and make sure rules for Product post type has been activated.
  5. If you want to use Multi Stars or Slider methods, you also need a license for Multi Ratings addon.
  6. Select review rating you want to use, decide on using public ratings and select rating method for that too.
  7. If you need to change settings for rating methods you want to use, set up Settings Rules, check out the previous section to configure rating methods.
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