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502 Bad Gateway on activation

Published on: July 15, 2022 at 8:49 am · By: roccopaul


I installed the GD Security Headers plugin and activated it. On reload of my wordpress site, it returns a “502 bad gateway” through nginx.

In order to resolve it, I have to completely delete the GD plugin folder. If I attempt to reinstall the plugin, it goes back to 502 bad gateway. Is there a SQL database or something else I need to delete that holds the old settings?

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    The plugin doesn’t add database tables, all settings are in the wp_options table. But, you don’t need to remove anything; whatever the problem is is unrelated. Something with your Nginx configuration may conflict with the plugin. I tested the plugin with Nginx, but I do not use Nginx for any of my servers, so I have limited experience with it, and I have no idea what can be wrong.


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