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A few suggestions for dev4press

Published on: April 10, 2012 at 11:46 pm · By: Robert S

Hi Milan,

Have several suggestion for dev4press website:

1) Documentation page needs improvement. I always get a 404 when going past last page. Filter does not seem to work properly – eg: if I do a search for shortcodes on xScape Core | All documents – then it returns empty.

2) I would like to see a more detailed Changelog per release of your products – rather than something like “Several bugs fixed”. I would like to have a better understanding of the impact a new release will have on my sites.

3) I would like to see a facility to search the Forums. At the moment there’s no easy way to search the forums – and there might be times when something has already been resolved which people could find – and therefore save yourself some work.

I know that some of these suggestions have probably been mentioned previously and that you’re a busy man and focusing on product improvements. However feedback is always a positive thing from users.


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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    1. This will be sored soon, most of it is fixed, and I plan to have that online next week.
    2. Detailed change logs are included for each plugin/theme and on their download pages.
    3. That is coming also. I am still testing search plugin for this, and I hope to have it in next website update also.


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    Hi Milan,

    Re Changelogs – eg if I try and bring up changelog for xScape Core – this is what I get: (nothing on | 2011.06.15.

    xScape Framework | 2011.09.10.

    xScape Framework

    1.7.7 | 2011.09.08.

    Shared templates and loop elements
    xScape Framework 1.7.7

    1.7.6 | 2011.08.25.

    xScape Framework 1.7.6
    Removed Superfish shadow image and CSS

    1.7.5 | 2011.08.22.

    xScape Framework 1.7.5

    1.7.4 | 2011.08.02.

    xScape Framework 1.7.4

    1.7.3 | 2011.06.27.

    xScape Framework 1.7.3 | 2011.06.14.

    xScape Framework

    1.7.2 | 2011.06.14.

    xScape Framework 1.7.2

    1.7.1 | 2011.06.09.

    xScape Framework 1.7.1

    1.7.0 | 2011.06.06.

    First official release
    xScape Framework 1.7

    1.7.0 | 2011.06.06.

    First official release
    xScape Framework 1.7

    xScape Core Changelog

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    Yeah, I am behind on some change logs. I will try to update them all soon.

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    Ideally the changelog is in place at the time of the release. Most themes seem to have changelogs a few months out of date.


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    Hi Milan,

    as I don’t have Premium support- I can’t get into the GD Star forum, still, I had a suggestion:

    Amazon has a “you may also like” for when people rate an item.

    How about if GD Star 2 has a similar ability- since GD Star can see by cookie/IP what someone has rated something, the admin could have the ability to display correlations between different articles that have been rated to the public via a widget, shortcode, etc.

    Or, is that already in the works?

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    This is in the plans, but I doubt it will end up in the first 2.0.

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    Good to know that it is in the plans, this would be a Great feature!


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